WP Safelink Plugin 4.3.11 Free Download

WP Safelink Plugin Free Download

Download Free WP Safelink – Save your download link in AdSense v4.3.11 Change

WP SafeLink – Change Your Download Link To AdSense Free Download 4.3.11 – ThemesOn | WP SafeLink v4.3.11 – Convert your download link to AdSense in premium WordPress plugins that can fetch thousands or thousands of cash from your blogs / websites.

Many people who still do not know how to generate AdSense can install money from a download blog. WP Safelink v4.3.11

The solution for those who have a downloadable site, but would like to place AdSense on a blog that violates the AdSense policy. WP Safelink WordPress Plugins is the solution to the problem you are facing.

If you do not know how other bloggers often use this strategy, do you want to ignore this method and ignore AdSense results? A limited AdSense account where you risk getting AdSense money from pirated blogs. WP Safelink v4.3.11

Increase your AdSense revenue with “WP Safelink”

WP Safelink works as a shortlink and also shows a website where visitors can trick you into clicking on an ad on the page so that your AdSense CTR is exactly 2x and multiplies a lot.

For those of you who have a download blog, if it’s stolen like most people roaming the world of freeware or the internet, WP Safelink is specially designed.

Obviously, they are already using similar tactics, so now it’s your turn to get AdSense revenue from the blog you run.

Special features “Anti AdBlock”

In this example, if visitors who have Adblock installed add an Adblock extension from their browser, the ad will run without hiding through the Adblock extension.

Obviously, ad publishers can benefit.

Features of WP Safelink WordPress Plugin

Automatically generated link

Turn all external links into automatically monetized links in a specific AdSense ad link.

Manual product link

These plugins have a manual link generating system that generates internal links, in addition to the automatic link generation mode.

New short and long product link

Short links can be included in v3.0, which show fewer links so that they look more professional.
Look at the counter and click.

Counter View & Click

Additional functions of the WP SafeLink v3.0 Converter can count the number of visitors who have clicked the link so that the clicked link can be easily maintained.

Three permanent links

The new version of WP SafeLink includes three types of permalinks. These 3 types of permalinks help to show better running ads.

Anti AdBlock

It helps to get the optimal CTR value on block pages for visitors using the Adblock plugin.
New asynchronous redirect page loop.

New Unlimited Redirect Page Loop

You can use wp safelink and forward it to any other wp safelink site with easy steps. You can use more of your money.

New Adlinkfly Integration

You can integrate WP Safelink into the Adlinkfly script to make money with AdSense on your links.

New WP Safelink Client

With the WP Safelink client, adding your WP Safelink blog to your downloads is not easy.

प्लगिन डाउनलोड करने के बाद सबसे पहले आप इस zip file को extract करे उसके बाद अपने वेबसाइट में अपलोड करे क्योंकि यह zip file में Wp safelink client version और Wp safelink दोनों प्लगिन है

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